The Book of Life
A thought for the day

Pathways for uncertain travellers on the road to Now
All ye children of Life
who would dwell in the Garden of Love
Be aware as you seek the fruit
within the garden.
If you seek nourishment in ignorance then may the fruit be maya-illusion, which will leave a bitter taste on your tongue, and the Garden shall be locked against you.
Seek to dissolve the barriers
that make you separate
and the Garden shall be yours forever.
How many times must we stumble and allow pebbles to blind us to the light and power of Love? How many times must we cloak ourselves in our private pain and hide from the face of Love because we feel unworthy of the gift?
In truth we reach out to life,
in seeking we endeavour to learn.,
That which we seek is light,
the light we seek is Love.